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I am ready to order but... What if I pick the wrong shade range or foundation color?

No problem. Dinair offers a one-time foundation exchange for new Dinair customers' first-time foundation purchase of up to 4 foundations*. Based on this marvelous offer, you can pick your foundations online now, and get started with confidence.

Our Color Match Experts are available to help you pick your colors. Color matches are typically done during the same business day.

*Exchange offer good within 30 days of purchase.



The ideal airbrush makeup kit for professionals and makeup lovers.

Our Airbrush Acne Kits contains everything for your most amazing acne makeover ever. Enjoy relief from irritating traditional rub on makeups, brushes and germ ridden sponges.


Glamour Foundation Match Set

Contains Dinair's classic Glamour Airbrush Foundation. Glamour provides a sheer natural texture for full face coverage in only 4-6 drops. Custom colors can be mixed to create your perfect skin tone match.

Neutralizer Match Set

Contains Dinair's color correcting Paramedical Airbrush Foundation. Includes colors specifically chosen to neutralize acne, redness, and dark scaring. When applied Paramedical lays flat on the skin creating a smoother surface. Apply to areas where needed in 2-3 drops.


The Airbrush Paramedical Concealer will knock out any spot or scar instantly. Sprayed two inches from the skin you only need 2-3 drops to erase any imperfections in seconds.


The Airbrush Glamour Matte Blush comes in a complementary shade to your foundation range. Our matte blush provides a natural boost of color that can go from soft to bold in 2-3 drops.

Airbrush Moisturizer - Moist & Dewy

An innovative lightweight moisturizer made from olive extract helps soften skin while giving it a dewy glow. To increase luminosity, spray 1-2 drops before or after you have completed applying your make-up to look refreshed and renewed and instantly.

Basic Compressor

The compact design of our Basic Compressor is ultra-quiet, high powered, and travel friendly. With its self-cooling technology the compressor can be used for full face and body. Sleek, chip resistant metallic finish. ​

CX Airbrush & Grip Set

Dinair Airbrush soft Grip System, patent pending. Pros and beginners can now get a grip on the airbrush results they have always wanted. Enjoy new ease and comfort. Airbrush Lever Cap and Handle Grip.

Airbrush Cleaning Cap Set

"Keep it clean"! Airbrush clogs are a thing of the past with Dinair's patent pending Airbrush Cleaning System. Simply add a couple drops of cleaner and pump. Store your airbrush day/night with cleaner and cap for everyday ready use.

Airbrush Cleaner

Dinair Airbrush Cleaner will gently clean Glamour, Shimmer, Colair, and Opalescent from the airbrush, stencils, and other surfaces. Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

Airbrush Hose

Black hose, Light and flexible. Easily slips onto your airbrush when you are ready for spraying.

Practice Sheet Color

FLIP the lid and a few drops of practice makeup into the cup of your airbrush. Don't waste makeup. Practice makes perfect!

Practice Paper

Practice face sheets help you learn to create custom shadow looks, highlights and contour, perfectly shaped brows, even winged eyeliner!

Practice Paper

Learn the acne coverage secrets for spraying your concealer, neutralizer and foundation. Follow along with our pro tutorials as you play!

Airbrush Distance (from face) Guide

The distance guide attaches temporarily to your airbrush. It is a training guide to help rehearse holding the airbrush at the recommended distance from your face. Practicing spraying with water will help you to perfect light and even coverage.

4 Steps to Flawless:

  1. Prep The first step in your complexion perfection journey is all about prep. Start with freshly washed skin free of any oils. Apply your favorite Dinair skin care or bare skin is the best way to get started for longer lasting makeup.

  2. Conceal Spot correct with Paramedical concealers. Airbrush at 1-2 inches from skin to target small coverage areas.

  3. Neutralize Apply light passes of Paramedical Base as needed to filter out and neutralize areas of redness, darkness or scarring. Keep airbrush 3-4 inches from your face.

  4. Foundation Create your finished look with Glamour Foundation. Apply in very light passes to entire face to gradually increase coverage. Vary your makeup coverage to explore your most natural looks. Try 6 to 8 drops for your face area. For a genuine Dinair makeover mist a little color on your neck, ears, decollate, hands and arms. Enjoy total look transformation possible with Dinair!

Select Shade Range
Fair Shades Alabaster Fair Shades Vanilla Fair Shades Olive Beige Fair Shades Alabaster Fair Shades Peach Beige Fair Shades Lt. Yellow
Medium Shades Lt. Golden Beige Medium Shades Honey Beige Medium Shades Golden Tan Medium Shades Lt. Golden Beige Medium Shades Olive Beige Medium Shades Lt Maueve
Tan Shades Tawny Tan Shades Golden Olive Tan Shades Dk. Olive Tan Shades Tawny Tan Shades Dk. Golden Beige Tan Shades Dk. Peach Pink
Dark Shades Soft Brown Dark Shades Nutmeg Dark Shades Dk. Almond Dark Shades Soft Brown Dark Shades Mauve Dark Shades Orange Highlighter No.2
Dark Shades Egyptian Bronze Dark Shades Dk. Almond Dark Shades Dk. Brown Dark Shades Egyptian Bronze Dark Shades Cinnabar Dark Shades Orange Highlighter No.3


Standard (1 Year)

Extended Warranty (2 Years) + $50

Premium Warranty (3 Years) + $35

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